Retreats of informal information sessions in cities of Kazakhstan

Nazarbayev University held informal informational sessions about the admissions process in various cities across Kazakhstan, between February 8th and 20th.   Attendees met with representatives of the university and had a chance to have all their questions about admissions answered.

These information sessions were conducted by the staff of the Аdmissions Department of Nazarbayev University.  Since the university was founded, NU has conducted annual informational sessions on the rules of admission and opportunities to study here.  Typically such sessions have included formal presentations and talks, however, this year the organizers opted to do away with such formality. Instead, participants were able to have open and candid discussions about the application process and for admissions – all in the informal setting over a cup of hot coffee.   

These regional sessions were able to provide information to more than 300 potential undergraduates and doctoral candidates interested in applying this year.

Also of note, more than 95% of NU students are studying on state grants.  While most of NU’s student body studies with the help of financing by the state, it has been possible to enter the university on the basis of paid tuition since 2010.  Such tuition-paying students meet all the requirements for admissions but were not included in the list of recipients of grants.