Results of poetry contest “MENIN ELIM – BAQ MEKENIM”

NU culture center “Rukhani Zhangyru” announced the winners of the poetry contest “Menin elim – baq mekenim” organized among NU students. The awardees received certificates from the NU Leadership and prizes from the NU Social Development Fund: 

The Grand Prix          SEDS  3rd year student Dinmukhammedali Narbayev 

1st place                      NUFYP student Nurtay Dutbayev 

1st place                      SSH 3rd year student Yerbol Sariyev 

2nd place                    SSH 1st year student Anel Anuar 

2nd place                    NUSOM 2nd year student Nurmakhan Zholshybek

2nd place                    SEDS 4th year student Azamat Zhalmuratov 

3rd place                     SEDS 1st year student Zhasulan Turar 

3rd place                     SEDS 4th year student Dinmukhammed Kali 

3rd place                     NUSOM 2nd year PhD student Ilona Malikova 

3rd place                     SEDS 2nd year student Bek Konilqosh 

3rd place                     SSH 3rd year student Aisha Saparali 

Congratulations on the victory of young poets! We wish you success in your creativity!