Projects of the grant competition #SDFGRANTS2020 have entered an active phase of implementation

Nine social projects funded through the # SDFGRANTS2020 competition are now being implemented. The grantees have already formed their project teams and are ready to start working on bringing their projects to life.

Last year, the NU Social Development Fund held a grant competition for the implementation of university community’s social projects. Participants submitted 150 applications, which were evaluated by representatives of Coca-Cola, Chevron, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Kazakhstan Waste Recycling, Human Health Institute, Alem Programming School, as well as Nazarbayev University and its organizations.

The projects cover a wide variety of fields, all united by a common idea – to create a product or service that can be useful to society. The «ӨзімÓzіm» project, for instance, is a website aimed to support parents of children with disabilities from 0 to 3 years old. The members of the “Qaccess” team are engaged in the translation and adaptation of the most effective English language test instructions in Kazakh language. The guys from the TopyraQ project intend to solve the problem of food waste recycling. They plan to assemble vermicomposters and use them to process food waste into vermicompost. 

Since a communication strategy plays an important role in the implementation of projects, in December the Fund organized training for project teams, helping them to develop individual promotion strategies.

You can find more information about projects on the Fund’s website: (, and follow the progress of each project by hashtag #SDFGRANTS2020 on social networks.