Project of Professor Peyman Purafshari and Technopark resident won a grant from the NU Commercialization Office

‘Creation of a 3D map of underground utilities of the urban area”, – a joint project lead by the “KazAeroSpace” Technopark resident and Professor Peyman Purafshari of the School of Mining and Geosciences, won a grant from the Office of Commercialization of NU. According to the project developers, this development will solve one of the main problems of the urban infrastructure: the uncertainty of the exact location of the underground networks. The 3D map will make an  inventory of all possible networks by using GPR, a device for detecting underground cables, and GNSS equipment. According to the project leaders, this can be another step towards building high-tech cities.

“Developing new high-tech cities requires the installation of various underground utilities. More detailed knowledge of these utilities reduces the risk of dangerous construction activities. Our team is working on novel approaches to create 3D maps of underground utilities by using Ground Penetrating Radar techniques”, said Professor Peyman Purafshari of the School of Mining and Geosciences. 

This project can be considered an innovative development, as solving problems related to underground communications has not been fully explored. As of now, in the Kazakhstani database of patents no such map or methodology has been registered.

The final product of the grant realization is expected to be a 3D map of underground utilities in different cities of Kazakhstan. Access to the maps will be provided for subscribed users only.