Press Office’s Statement regarding NU’s participation in global rankings

According to Nazarbayev University’s strategy for 2018-2030, NU does not expect to seek global ranking until 2030. The full text of the Strategy is available here.   

The NU Strategy sets out the mission, vision, strategic goals, stages of development and the results of the joint efforts by administrative staff, faculty, students, and researchers of the University for 2018-2030. 

During this strategic period NU will focus on reaching its five strategic goals, which are:

  • education reform leadership;
  • academic excellence;
  • research excellence;
  • creating a model for health care services;
  • innovation and translating research into production.

The document was approved in 2018 by the decision of the Supreme Board of Trustees of the Autonomous Organization of Education “Nazarbayev University”, chaired by the President of RK Nursultan Nazarbayev. The composition of the Supreme Board of Trustees members is available here.