Press Office’s statement regarding the Graduation ceremony of the Nazarbayev University

The Press Office of Nazarbayev University denies the messages seen on social media that the University has cancelled the diploma of the graduate, who appeared today at the graduation commencement wearing a hat inscribed with ‘Oyan’.

We would like to emphasize that in all its activities, Nazarbayev University strictly upholds the principles of meritocracy.  This means not only attracting the best minds and talents, but also guiding, nurturing, and elevating talented young people through the course of their education here. We believe in the importance of instilling high ethical standards, academic integrity, individual responsibility and critical thinking in our students.

We see the following as core values of NU graduates:

  • Possess an in-depth and sophisticated understanding of their domain of study;
  • Be intellectually agile, curious, creative, and open-minded;
  • Be thoughtful decision-makers who know how to involve others;
  • Be entrepreneurial, self-propelling and able to create new opportunities;
  • Be fluent and nuanced communicators across languages and cultures;
  • Be cultured citizens of the world who embrace diversity;
  • Demonstrate high personal integrity;
  • Be prepared to take a leading role in the development of their country.

Once again, we congratulate all our graduates with the successful completion of their studies, we wish them success and new achievements! Today was a special day for the entire community of Nazarbayev University, for all of us!