Post COVID-19 world. NU professor’s book release

“A Sketch of the World After the COVID-19 Crisis” –  a book  by Dr. Jean-François Caron brings out the insights into the political consequences of  the pandemic

    Lessons the world ought to learn from the COVID-19 crisis and the political consequences it has entailed – these are the questions that Dr. Jean-François Caron, NU School of Sciences and Humanities Associate Professor, examines in his new book “A Sketch of the World After the COVID-19 Crisis”, put in print by a leading global publisher –  Springer

    The publication consists of several essays that explore the challenge that the pandemic poses to liberalism, as well as the unique potential this crisis offers the world in retaking control over globalization. Also, the author examines the ways the COVID-19 outbreak has foreshadowed future conflicts, focusing on the dynamics of relationship between China and the West. 

    “The world is at war with an invisible and elusive enemy that has forced all countries to implement extraordinary measures and like it has been the case during all other wars humanity has faced, this crisis may lead to profound political consequences and changes to the world order”, says Dr. Jean-François Caron. 

    According to the publisher, Dr. Caron’s writing is the first ‘reflection book on the political consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, and it concludes that this crisis may lead to systemic changes to the international economy’. 

    This timely book will be of interest to scholars in Political Science and philosophy, as well as to the general public interested in what the post-COVID-19 world may resemble.

The book can be accessed here: 

About the author: Dr. Jean-François Caron is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Nazarbayev University. Prior to his position at Nazarbayev University, Dr. Caron served as an Assistant Professor at the University of  Moncton (Canada) and as a Lecturer at the Laval University, the University of Québec at Chicoutimi and the Institute of European Studies at the Free University of Brussels.

Dr. Caron’s research interests focus on various issues, such as the conditions of unity and political stability in multinational states, the redefinition of national identities in the context of ethnocultural diversity as well as contemporary War Ethics. His research findings have appeared in various journals, such as Politique et sociétés, the Bulletin d’histoire politique, Nationalism & Ethnic Politics, National Identities, The International Journal of Canadian Studies, The Journal of Intercultural Studies, Critical Military Studies and the Journal of Military Ethics.