PopSci episode 6: Don’t sleep with your phone nearby!

The main guests of the sixth episode of ‘PopSci,’ Associate Professor of SEDS Martin Lukac and postdoctoral scholar of SEDS Aishuak Konarov, discuss whether humanity should be afraid of AI taking over everything and whether it is a good idea to sleep with a cell phone. 

In the sixth episode of ‘PopSci’, Associate Professor Martin Lukac and postdoctoral scholar Aishuak Konarov discuss what awaits humanity in the near future in regards to new technologies and, especially, AI. According to professor Lukac, the fear of AI taking over everything and replacing humans is not justified. Although he hopes that one day people will be rid of the routine jobs thanks to robots: “We have a super idealistic scenario of Star Trek, where the general idea was that society was so advanced that everybody could do whatever they wanted. This means that if you want to pursue the study of stars or whatever, you can, because everything else is taken care of.”

Aishuak Konarov warns everyone that sleeping with your phone under a pillow might be convenient, however, is not a good idea. According to him, unstable materials inside the battery pose a significant danger if not handled properly: “When the phone is charging, the cathode materials are not stable, if there is a side reaction, they could explode. So, therefore, to be on the safe side, it is better to keep the phone at least one meter away from your bed.” 

Tune in for an insightful conversation! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn about the world together with us!