How to play video games without a powerful computer? The beGame Project

Gamers know that it is difficult to play new video games without a powerful gaming PC. Every year game graphics are becoming more and more realistic, but the downside of this progress is the ever-increasing demands on the computer. Consequently, people with low-end PCs are forced to lower graphics settings or even play the older versions of games, because they cannot afford a powerful computer.

 Twenty-six-year-old Bekzhan Skakov and his team found a solution to this problem. They created a platform that allows you to play the latest computer games at maximum graphics settings from any computer with Internet access. Today the platform has more than 800 registered users who use the product daily.

 “There are 6 of us in our team. I am a CEO, Iman Suleymenov is a CTO, Aidana Skakova and Nestan Negametzyanova are responsible for marketing. Two other team members are in tech support. And all legal and financial issues are carried out by outsource company,” says Bekzhan Skakov, CEO of the project.

beGAME is an Internet gaming platform that allows you to play modern video games on “weak” computers using advanced direct data exchange technologies.

 “The user connects to computers on the platform and uses their power to play. You no longer need to buy an expensive computer, download and install games, we have already done all this, ” says Bekzhan Skakov.

 The idea of the project is that users registered on a special platform, connect directly to powerful gaming computers in partner computer clubs. Such interaction saves time and money for both users and clubs.

 “The idea struck me when I faced this problem myself. I had an old office computer, and I wanted to play, but I couldn’t even run the game on it. A friend of mine told me that there was a service in Russia that allowed you to play from any computer. I downloaded their app and tried to play. My first user experience was negative. First of all, I didn’t like that my access was limited. Second was the long response time and the terrible quality of the picture. I investigated the problem and found out that even with my Internet speed of 100 Mbps it was impossible to cover the distance to Moscow in milliseconds, without losing data. After that, I came to the idea of creating a service that wouldn’t have such problems,” says Bekzhan Skakov.  

 Currently, there are several such cloud gaming services on the market. The team explained that the main point of competition between all these services has to do with the response.

 “No one wants to play a game in which the action is delayed by 5 seconds. The whole problem is what everyone went through at school, which is Speed * Time = Distance. Everyone is trying to achieve the minimum time value and to do that, you either have to increase the speed or decrease the distance. We chose the second option, and that what allows us to outperform even giants like Google Stadia by leaps and bounds. The ability to use the capacity of computer clubs in each city reduces the distance value to a minimum, which allows us to reduce the Internet speed requirements of our users and provide an instant response“, explains Bekzhan Skakov.

 Another feature of the platform, according to the developers, is that other cloud gaming services provide access to the game only, while beGAME provides access to the computer. In other words, with access to the computer, the user can run third-party programs simultaneously with the game.

 “We gathered feedback from current users and now plan to refine the platform. Most of all, users are looking forward to launching monthly subscriptions on the platform. Also in the near future, we plan to search for partners in major cities of Kazakhstan,” Bekzhan Skakov continues.

 It is noteworthy that at the end of 2020, the beGAME project team participated in the acceleration program of Nazarbayev University Innovation Cluster. Thanks to the 6-week program, the guys managed to pump up their startup and get into the US Market Access Center (US MAC) program, the leading San Francisco (USA) accelerator.

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  The NU Innovation Cluster’s Business Accelerator helps startups get educational and mentoring support and access to FabLab, DCLab, laboratories of Nazarbayev University, and a co-working space. In addition, a unique opportunity to interact with foreign partners of Nazarbayev University, and to present projects to invited Kazakhstani and foreign investors is offered.