An official opening ceremony of Technopark took place on Friday, July 18

An official opening ceremony of Technopark took place on Friday, July 18 at Nazarbayev University. During the official opening ceremony the Nazarbayev University Science Park Astana Business Campus was presented. Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System scientists and Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aslan Sarinzhipov took part in the ceremony.

Over 2000 square meters of Technopark is a result of successful realization of Nazarbayev University Intellectual-Innovation Cluster’s development plan and it will satisfy needs for business and science. Intellectual-Innovation Cluster is to be a symbiosis of science and production, including Commercialization office, Business-Incubator, Intellectual schools, Research centers and Astana Business Campus. The whole system is directed to development of scientific potential,  reducing bureaucratic problems and production costs when opening small enterprises.

The construction will be a multifunctional building intended for different types of research and productions (engineering, biochemical and telecommunications will be highlighted). Nazarbayev University Technopark will provide companies with equipment and help in creating and testing prototypes, using the advanced energy-saving technologies.

At this time 7 projects, selected on the basis of potential commercialization, are being carried out. Technopark is partially supplied with  energy from autonomous renewable sources. Measurements and research in renewable energy, using the data from photoelectric panels, heliocollectors, wind turbines, heat pumps will be conducted at  the Renewable Energy Test Site created at the Technopark.

Development of Technopark will support interaction between the education system and production and science in the Republic of Kazakhstan.