NUSOM announces recruitment for Standardized Patient Program

NUSOM is currently recruiting individuals to be a part of the education of Kazakhstan’s future health care providers! What is a Standardized Patient? Standardized patients (SPs) are people who are trained to act and respond as real patients. Standardized Patients (SPs) come from a variety of backgrounds – medical and/or acting experience are not required.

NUSOM is looking for SPs with high level of English language proficiency, who can act naturally while responding to questions related to their fictional medical history, undergo basic and advanced physical examination, act as other members of a healthcare team within a simulated experience, act as a family member for a patient, act out certain medical conditions and understand the importance of their contribution to the development of healthcare professions in Kazakhstan.

The Standardized Patient Program at NUSOM provides the opportunity for NU students to practice their skills, including interview techniques, physical examination skills, and emotional response to better prepare them to treat patients in the future in the safest, most competent way possible while delivering the highest quality of care to serve the community.

Participation in the project is paid, but there are restrictions. If you are interested in participating, please click here for more information