NUFYP EAP Continuing Professional Development partnerships: University of Sheffield

NUFYP EAP Department is building CPD partnerships with other BALEAP accredited universities.

The first Nazarbayev University and University of Sheffield joint CPD meeting took place on March 9th, 2021, on the subject of ‘Feedback and Tutorials’.

The aim of joint development is to share evidence-based expertise in all areas of teaching and learning

The University of Sheffield is a member of the Russel group of leading research universities in the UK. The university was ranked in the top 10 UK universities with global recognition. It was 33% world-leading, 52% internationally excellent, 13% internationally recognized, and 1% nationally recognized.

According to the Q.S. Ranking 2021, it is ranked in the world’s 100 top universities.

The two parties have agreed to continue cooperating in the next academic year.