The NU team is the winner of the International Olympiad in Electrochemical Materials Science

The NU team became the winner of the International Olympiad in Electrochemical Materials Science, which was organized within the framework of the ХІ International Birimzhanov Congress, on chemistry and chemical technology. It was conducted by the Laboratory of Technologies of Electrochemical Production at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University on November 18th, 2021. Teams from Israel, France, Russia, and Kazakhstan were among the participants this year. 

The NU team, named “The Ions,” consists of Masters students Assel Serikkazyeva, Yerkezhan Yerkinbekova, Aktilek Akhmetova, and PhD student Nurbol Tolganbek.  All members of “The Ions” work in the Battery Group of Nazarbayev University, led by Prof. Bakenov, and study Chemical and Materials Engineering in NU SEDS. 

“Our team was formed a few days before the competition, and it was our first collaboration. As our university and Battery group had everything that we needed, we did not have any difficulties regarding chemicals and equipment, which we appreciated,” said Nurbol Tolganbek

During the competition, students participated in solving three electrochemical and material science-related experimental problems during a 4-hour online teleconference. 

Sharing her experience, Aktilek Akhmetova said, “The main challenge was to sort through all our knowledge of electrochemistry and materials science. It was necessary to determine the most applicable methods for solving the tasks of the olympiad quickly. That was a bit hard when we had time restrictions. However, it turned out that four people aiming to win could effectively organize and distribute the tasks.” 

Сongratulations to our engineering students!