NU professor’s book included to University of Wales Press 2021 New Titles Catalogue

Dr. Jenni Lehtinen is an Assistant Professor of World Languages and Literatures at the School of Sciences and Humanities at Nazarbayev University. Her new book “Doña Bárbara Unleashed: From Venezuelan Plains to International Screen” has been included in Spring Summer 2021 New Titles Catalogue (University of Wales Press).

Doña Bárbara is a Spanish-language telenovela based on the 1929 Venezuelan novel written by Rómulo Gallegos. Dr. Jenni Lehtinen’s book illustrates how film and telenovela adaptations have reinterpreted the story of Doña Bárbara in order to mirror changes in societal norms, such as the role of women in Latin American societies, and audience expectations.

 Dr. Lehtinen is passionate about all things Latin American and Caribbean and hopes to introduce her NU students to the fascinating and heterogeneous culture of that part of the world. 

“This monograph engages a number of adaptations of the same source text in dialogue with each other, and highlights the role played by the spectator in reshaping Gallegos’s story”, states the description in the catalog. 

Although born in Finland, Dr. Lehtinen has spent most of her life in Spain and in the United Kingdom. She speaks English, Spanish, Swedish, and Finnish. Altogether, Dr. Lehtinen considers herself as a citizen of the world, rather than as a representative of any specific country.

It is noteworthy that the  University of Wales Press will email the catalog to booksellers in the UK and across Europe.