NU Career and Advising Center participated in a study conducted by European Training Foundation (ETF)

 NU Career and Advising Center (NU CAC) has participated in a study on “International Trends and Innovation in Career Guidance” in the context of rapid changing labor markets and the future of work conducted  by European Training Foundation (ETF).

 The ETF study highlighted the key role and ever-increasing importance of career guidance and how it responded to new challenges with innovative approaches in the EU, partner countries and internationally. Yevgeniya Kim, former Director at NU CAC,  was interviewed by the ETF expert in Fall 2019 to reflect NU’s experience as an innovative example of promoting and facilitating career guidance to increase awareness and inspiration employability concept among EU and ETF partner countries. NU CAC case is centered on a key competence of “career management skills”, co-operation and collaboration mechanisms with employers.

Both Volumes of the study were released  in November, 2020 and are available at: