Nobel Laureate participated in the first international conference of Energetic Cosmos Laboratory in Astana

On 7-12 August, 2017, leading researchers from eight countries participated in the Inaugural international conference “Exploring the Energetic Universe-2017”, which was organized by PI “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” at Nazarbayev University. The conference focused on development and promotion of smart technologies in cosmology and astrophysics science.

Invited speakers were Nobel laureate in physics and professor of APC, HKUST, UCB George Smoot, Professor of Landau Institute Alexei Starobinsky, Shuhrat Ehgamberdiev (Ulugh Beg), Pawan Kumar (UT Austin), Yong-Seon Song (KASI), Sergey Sushkov (Kazan Center for Cosmology), Professor from KEK -Osamu Tajima, Jonas Zmuidzinas (Caltech), Steven Anlage (University of Maryland) and Tim Newell (Air Force Research Laboratory).

During the sessions, invited speakers and participants shared new ideas of development cosmology science in Kazakhstan and plentiful opportunities for scientific interaction and collaboration in joint research programs. Number of conference participants was more than 40 from Kazakhstan, Russia and Italy countries.

The conference participants had the unique opportunity to listen to discussions on Cosmology, Gamma-ray Bursts, and Advanced Detectors (including MKIDs and other cryogenic sensors). Additionally, there were reports and posters presented on special sessions, dedicated to such core areas as photonics and computational physics, as well as EXPO-2017 energy topics.

The grand opening of the event was attended by Professor Adesida Ilesanmi, Provost of Nazarbayev University, Dr. Kanat Baigarin, Vice-president for Innovation and Research of Nazarbayev University, Professor George Smoot, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics.