New Pre-Master’s program at Nazarbayev University

On November 20, 2017, a new academic program, The Zero Year of Master’s Programs (NUZYP) was launched at Nazarbayev University’s Center for Preparatory Studies.
The aim of the program is to help students who meet the academic qualifications for Master’s-level study, but lack the English language skills to be successful.
Over 120 people applied for the program, but only 58 applicants were enrolled. This year the program started on November 20 and will continue until May 17, 2018. In the future, the program will run for the full academic year.
The program consists of the several components. The main part of the program is Academic English which the students take for 16 hours a week. This consists of Academic Reading, Academic Writing, and Academic Communications. In Semester Two, students continue with the same courses and have an additional quantitative course, this year that means either Linear Algebra for STEM-related majors or Social Science Research Methods for non-STEM majors.
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