New podcast for You, NU, and Communities Beyond

On February 1, 2021 NuclearPods, a new podcast hosted by Nazarbayev University community members, launched for the first time. The debut episode, featuring Daniel Pugh, Dean of the NU School of Sciences and Humanities, was dedicated to the history of NU.

 “NuclearPods aims to bring our NU community closer together through the significant learning that we achieve in these podcasts, and through the various conversations, actions, and events that may occur as a result of NuclearPods,” said Aiman Khamitova, Senior Manager in Innovative Learning and the podcast co-host.

 Warren Rocco, Deputy General Director at the NU Center for Preparatory Studies and the podcast’s co-host explained the name of the podcast.

 “I wanted a name that was fresh and somewhat provocative and it wasn’t lost on me that “nu” in NU, our university’s initials, could be stand-ins for one another. And the word “clear” is important because I wanted as a non-academician, as someone who’s grown up professionally mostly in secondary schools, to hear and communicate simply and clearly learning that’s obtained from others.”

 According to the hosts, the idea behind the NuclearPods is to simplify complex concepts and walk listeners through the world of academia.

 Please stay connected and tune in to NuclearPods (available on Buzzsprout and Spotify).