New “gold” in the sports collection of NU

Moldir Mekenbaeva, a fourth-year student at the School Sciences and Humanities, won a gold medal at the World Ju-Jitsu Championship in the “Nevaza System” section for women, which was held in the city of Abu Dhabi (UAE).

The Jiu-Jitsu World Championship was held in the UAE from November 14 to November 24. Moldir successfully defeated rivals from Canada, Sweden, and in the final beat the athlete from Russia.

– After the first seizures, your breathing normalizes and you are already entering a state of cold mind, doing everything possible to defeat your opponent. – said Moldir. – I could not allow myself to surrender mentally / psychologically, as I went to my goal in a thorny and difficult way. I remembered how I spent nights at the library to pass exams right before departure and passed the remaining exams after arrival. I trained with all my might, forgetting about fatigue and rigidly set priorities and my schedule, limiting myself in many ways.

Moldir performed in the weight category up to 52 kg. She has the title of master of sports of international class (MSMK). She has won many titles in the past.

– Actually, I felt all the joy while standing on the podium when I held my hand on my heart and sang the anthem of Kazakhstan. Only then did I realize that hard work can help to achieve my goal. I can’t convey in words what I felt. Probably this is happiness, ” Moldir shared her feelings from the victory.

Congratulations on the wonderful victory Moldir and wish her further success and new victories!