New equipment available for Nazarbayev University students at the Power System and High Voltage Laboratory

On June 19, 2018, a ceremonial handover of the equipment from Alageum Electric to the joint Laboratory of Power System and High Voltage was held at Nazarbayev University.

The laboratory, as an educational platform, will be used to provide practical classes for Electrical and Engineering Department students, School of Engineering. The laboratory will allow students to learn from electromagnetic static devices designed for electricity conversion in greater detail. The laboratory equipment includes: a TMG-250/10 transformer model, a vacuum switch, an oil distribution transformer, a voltage transformer, a dry-type two-winding 3-phase transformer, a current transformer, and a dry-type two-winding 3-phase transformer.

Within the framework of a Cooperation Agreement signed between Nazarbayev University, represented by PI Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System, and Alageum Electric, the parties plan to support further cooperation in education, innovation and research, as well as in improving the professional level of young specialists in the energy sector.

The cooperation between Nazarbayev University and Alageum Electric has been ongoing for over a year already. During this time, university professors have visited plants in Shymkent and Kentau, where they were able to get acquainted with the technological processes of production; and have visited test sites and learned about the issues and problems arising during the production process. In April of this year, Bagheri Mehdi, Associate Professor from the School of Engineering held a two-day seminar for Alageum Electric employees, while students of Nazarbayev University are already being trained at Alageum Electric plants.