Nazarbayev University won gold and silver in the International Project Excellence Awards

Two projects headed by Nazarbayev University from Kazakhstan became finalists and winners of the 2017 International Project Excellence Award, which included over 55 member-states.

The international jury, consisting of recognized experts in the field of project management, awarded first place (gold medal) in the nomination «Best Project of 2017" to Nazarbayev University for the construction of the School of Medicine. In 2017 Nazarbayev University School of Medicine – a unique and socially significant project for Kazakhstan – was successfully put into operation with the assistance of project management know-how. The School of Medicine is a unique project not only in architectural design, but also in representing a place where the development of an integrated academic healthcare system is concentrated.

"We won first place for the creation of the School of Medicine, which we've built for four years together with our partners. In all categories, we have implemented this project in accordance with the best world practices and standards", - said Maksat Mamashev, a consultant to the President of Nazarbayev University on Administrative and Financial Management, and Vice President of the Kazakhstan Project Management Association.

Nazarbayev University also won second place (silver medal) in the nomination "The Best Social Project 2017" for the project "Nazarbayev University - Leadership and Reforming the Education System in Kazakhstan". Nazarbayev University is the flagship in the higher education system, ensuring long-term development of Kazakhstan's human capital. Summing up the results of the contest in this nomination, the members of the international jury took into account the degree of its societal significance for the country.

In addition to Nazarbayev University, among the contenders for the nomination "Best Project of the Year" and "Best Social Project" were large companies from China, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, India, Italy and other countries.