Nazarbayev University will host participants of the VIII Eurasian Forum of Higher Education Leaders

On June 6-7, the VIII Eurasian Forum of Higher Education Leaders will be held in Nur-Sultan city. The forum is held annually at Nazarbayev University. The theme of this year’s Forum is “Future Ready Graduates”.

“We believe that together with our participants and speakers we will find an answer to the question of what the future graduates should be. We will discuss the qualities and skills that young professionals need to have, ” said Loretta O’Donnell, Vice Provost of Nazarbayev University.

Aida Sagintayeva, Dean of the Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Education, believes that in the rapidly changing world that universities will need to rethink the way they educate students so that the knowledge received at university stays relevant.  It is extremely important for universities to develop essential skills in students so that future graduates will remain competitive, especially in light of advances in technology and artificial intelligence. In the near future, universities will have to respond to new challenges.  The architecture of higher education systems will change so that traditional forms of education will be revolutionized and the out-of-date parts will remain in the past.

The Forum participants will include top-managers of universities of CIS countries, Asia, Europe, the USA, as well as representatives of national and international companies.  Participants will discuss the changing labor market and new challenges facing higher education. Additionally, the forum will focus on lifelong education, the importance of educating future leaders in terms of civil society, and the formation of an industrial-academic ecosystem.

Briefly about the Forum:

  • The forum has been held annually for eight years.
  • The theme of the forum last year was “Innovating Higher Education in the Age of Disruption”.
  • More than 30 forum speakers represent eight countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA, Singapore, UK, China, Thailand.

Interesting facts about some Forum speakers:

  • Tan Eng Chye, President, National University of Singapore (University #1 in Asia and #23 in the world rating of the Times Higher Education)
  • Tian Xu, Vice President of Westlake University (China), first private research university in China. Today the university works on attracting the best Chinese researchers from overseas.
  • Kenn Ross, managing director of Minerva Project, which is a University that doesn’t have a campus. Students study in seven countries. Last year, Minerva’s acceptance rate was 1.9% which is lower than in the Ivy League universities.
  • Emin Askerov, a social entrepreneur. In 2015 he founded the social workshop “Green TAL”. Emin founded the first School of Social Entrepreneurship in Nur-Sultan city. He participated as an expert on social entrepreneurship in international forums of Russia (2016), India (2017). Nominee of the Open World program for sharing experience among social entrepreneurs. (California, USA 2015).
  • Leila Akhmetova, a student at Nazarbayev University, head of the organizing committee of the HPAIR international conference (The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations), the largest student conference under the auspices of Harvard University in Asia. For the first time in history, the Harvard Conference will be held in a CIS country. A team of Nazarbayev University students won the right to hold the conference at the end of 2018 beating such countries as Japan, Singapore, China etc. It is symbolic that the event will take place in the year of Kazakhstan’s youth and will address the most pressing issues for the younger generation.