Nazarbayev University will host the Conference on Nanomaterials and Symposium on Inorganic Phosphate Materials

Nazarbayev University (NU), Institute of Batteries (IoB),  National Laboratory Astana (NLA), Japanese Association of Inorganic Phosphorus Chemistry and Université de La Rochelle are organizing a joint conference, “The 6th International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Energy Storage Systems (INESS2018)” and “The 10th International Symposium on Inorganic Phosphate Materials 2018 (ISIPM-10)” at Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kakzakhstan on August 8-10, 2018.

The joint conference topics cover the following and related areas:


  • Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Application
  • Advanced Energy Storage, Conversion and Saving Systems
  • Materials for electrochemical sensor and electroanalytical applications
  • Materials and technology for alternative advanced energy applications
  • Catalysis and fuel cells
  • Battery monitoring and management systems
  • Battery safety and utilization
  • Development of electric vehicles and stationary energy storage
  • Modelling tools in materials science and energy conversion systems
  • Energy and environment


  • Basic science of phosphates (Processing of Elaboration, Phosphates Glasses & Glass Ceramics, Structure & Applications, Apatite & Related Bio-Materials, Advanced Structural Analysis, Solid State NMR, Spectroscopy,  Synchrotron Radiation)
  • Technology & uses (Anticorrosion & Catalytic Application, Phosphate Materials For Energy, Conversion and Storage)
  • High-tech electronics & optics (Electronic Phosphate Materials, Opto-Electronic Materials)
  • Beneficiation of Phosphates (Mineral Processes, Technology & Equipment, and Nuclear waste), Phosphoric Acid Purification: Recovery of trace elements (U, Cd, etc.)
  • Phosphate and green Technologies

Full length papers presented at the Conference will be published as Proceedings in international journals.

Researchers from various countries will participate and share their vision on progress and problems in materials science, nanotechnologies, ecology, renewable energy and energy storage systems.

The conference will be supported by several TV, newspaper and internet companies, and is an open event. Participants from academia, industry, and investment sectors are welcome to participate. We expect participation of several partner companies, and investors.

The INESS conference was initiated at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan in 2013. Scientists and students from Japan, Korea, France, Germany, China, Russia, Canada, UAE, UK, Turkey and Kazakhstan reviewed and discussed the recent progress and problems in materials science, nanotechnologies, ecology, renewable energy, energy storage systems and modeling methods in these fields. For further details, please visit the INESS-2018 web-page: For past conferences, please check INESS-2016INESS-2017.


The registration fee for the conference (to be paid by presenting authors):

–          USD 350 for Industry Participants (USD 450 after 1 July, 2018)

–          USD 300 for Academicians (USD 350 after 1 July, 2018)

–          KZT 12000 for Kazakhstan researchers

–          KZT 3500 for Kazakhstan and international students


Abstract submission deadline

May 30, 2018

Paper submission deadline

June 15, 2018


To participate, please send your abstract (Abstract Template) before May 30, 2018 to email:

Looking forward to seeing you at INESS-2018!