Nazarbayev University will hold the 30th Jubilee IPMA World Congress 2017

On May 26, 2016 the agreement to conduct the IPMA Congress in Kazakhstan was signed at Nazarbayev University.

As you know, the IPMA World Congress is the world’s leading conference on project management, bringing together business professionals, practitioners, managers and representatives of international companies, leading scientists, teachers, professors and students, representatives of different sectors and professions, NGOs and the media for several decades. The awarding of the right to host the jubilee 30th World Congress to Kazakhstan took place during the 29th World Congress held in Panama in September 2015.

About 1,000 foreign delegates from over 60 countries plan to attend the Congress. In light of this, Kazakhstan is presented with a unique opportunity to obtain and study the world’s best practices of project management applications in various fields of human activity and submit the best Kazakh projects to the world project community.

During the congress the best people in the world of project management are united by professional and academic papers, position papers, presentations, best practices, or significant case studies (case study), posters, educational materials, books, presentations and software tutorials, roundtables, special sessions and workshops.

World Congresses are held with the participation and support of the governments of the host countries that understand the potential of project management.

Background: The International Project Management Association (International Project Management Association, IPMA, Switzerland)

IPMA was registered in 1965 in Switzerland as a non-profit professional organization for the purpose of promoting the development and widespread use of culture, technologies, methods and tools of project management in different countries of the world.

Among IPMA members – mostly National Association for Project Management. Currently, it includes more than 60 national associations from different countries and continents of the world. Their activities are aimed at ensuring the professional needs of professionals working in the field of project management in their respective countries in their native language. In Kazakhstan it is the Kazakhstan Project Management Association (KAUP). In turn, the IPMA provides the professional needs of national associations at the international level.

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