Nazarbayev University welcomed new students

Recently, Nazarbayev University hosted an Orientation Week for new students. This annual event introduces students to all aspects and features of student life at NU, including its history, traditions, rules and regulations.

During Orientation Week, students take part in group and specialized information sessions so that they can more easily adapt to the university’s culture.    Because of orientation, they are more quickly immersed in NU’s academic environment, and are able to socialize, and establish friendly relations with staff and other students.  During this event, students are automatically enrolled in the program at the university’s on-campus polyclinic, where they can receive medical care.  Students who are not residents of Nur-Sultan are accommodated in comfortable dormitories connected by the “skywalks” to the university buildings. The campus offers students all the necessary services: from catering and hairdressing salons to the possibility of organizing co-working and clubs.

University life is not only about studying, but also about opportunities for students’ personal development.  

With more than 200 student clubs at the university, students can always find something new and interesting to do in their extra curricular time, including participating in clubs focused on research, their major field of study, professional organizations, culture, and entertainment.  New students also have great opportunities for self-realization in sports life – NU has a very modern Sports and Athletic Center, where students can engage in fitness, dance, martial arts, rock climbing, viewing games, and swimming.

During the orientation week, all new students received memorable gifts, including branded Nazarbayev University T-shirts. Many students have already chosen certain areas of activity they would like to engage in in the future, as well as individual development programs, during the orientation days.

Abylaikhan Kazymbetov, one of the students of the University Training Program 2019, was encouraged to share his impressions of participation in his first university event: “The orientation week is very interesting because everyone is showing us everything here. You come here, you look around and you realize that from now on you are part of something bigger. I think this is how the love for the University is born. Although I had a long time ago a commitment to NU. This is the only university I have ever applied to, and I have purposefully tried to do my best to study here. Besides, I have already joined the ACM club and I plan to open my own WebDev Club, for which there are already like-minded people”.

“We wish incoming students the best of luck and a good journey through the world of knowledge and science.  For those who have just started their journey, you should know that this can sometimes be a difficult path, requiring tireless work and efforts, but at the same time the journey is always surprising, interesting and hopefully fulfilling”, –  the Department of Student Affairs of NU.