Nazarbayev University students won the North- Eastern European region semifinal round of programming

Nazarbayev University participated in the competition of four teams, and the team consisting of Nurlan Kanapin, Adilet Zhaksybai, Anouar Dihanov became the best.

The students of Nazarbayev University confronted the teams from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Georgia. Only 18 of 229 teams got to the final. Competitions were held in Tashkent from 30 November to 1 December, 2013.

North-East European region semifinal round of programming, where team from Nazarbayev University participated, is the largest in the world, both in terms of territory and in the number of participating teams.

World practice shows that the victory of university students in this ICPC competition positively influences the authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a country with a high level of development of information technologies.

International Student Programming Contest (ACM / ICPC) is the largest team programming contest. Olympics are rooted in the competition held in the University of Texas in 1970. Its present appearance in the championship took place in 1977, when the first final was held at the annual conference of ACM Computer Science, and has since then been held annually.

Teams of Nazarbayev University participated in the championship in 2012 and previously participated only at the semi-final level. This year’s victory is the result the team was aiming to achieve. As the students say themselves: “We just knew that we must try not to let the university fail and to worthily represent Kazakhstan.”

112 students of NU take their majors in Computer Science (Computer Technology), while foreign faculty members conduct research in the fields of the theory of algorithms, high performance computing, mobile and networking technologies, information systems development in various fields, and etc. About 200 students enter the School of Science and Technology in Nazarbayev University each year.