Nazarbayev University students win the National Bank Contest

Nazarbayev University students were awarded for the 1st and 3rd prizes in the National Bank’s research projects contest. Winning teams defended their projects about Kazakhstan’s gold market and the competitiveness of the national financial market in Kazakhstan. Scholarships were given by the Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Daniyar Akishev.

The 1st prize winning team proposed a project, “The Gold market of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Analyzing issues of legal, administrative, taxing, and strategic development factors, foresight perspectives and the path to future development”. “In our project we prepared an analysis of the national gold market, including gold deposits, mining and processing. For example, today in Kazakhstan we have only a few gold processing factories. Reducing risks and escaping from untrustworthy processors – this is also an issue,” said the project co-author Karina Tussupova. Money awards in the amount of 309 thousand tenge were divided among three team members. The students also received a National Bank commemorative coin with a nominal value of 500 tenge, made from silver and tantalum.

The 3rd prize winning team presented a project, “The Competitiveness of the Kazakhstani financial market during the time of integration into WTO and SEA”. “We considered how integration would affect our financial market, e.g. insurance companies, banks, securities. There are some risks about the integration process, so they need to be considered in order to protect the national market,” noted the project co-author Aliya Ussinova. The team was awarded 100 thousand tenge.

The Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Daniyar Akishev said that teams from 20 Kazakhstani universities took part in the contest. Six proposals passed to the semifinal, and later two teams were found guilty of plagiarism. “I would like to mention that the 1st and 2nd prize winners selected the same topic for research. Therefore, a final decision was made by the jury at the project defence. The winning team successfully defended the project and answered all the questions,” said Daniyar Akishev.

According to him, all research topics presented to the contestants are extremely relevant for the Kazakhstani national market and the National Bank. All findings and suggestions of the projects will be used in National Bank analytical works.


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