Nazarbayev University starts educational seminars and webinars on digitalization

To support the State Program “Digital Kazakhstan”, within a three-month period, from February to April, Nazarbayev University faculty will give seminars on digitalization to RK government officials and representatives. The goal of the seminars is the development of abilities and skills for the digital economy and upgrading of digital literacy.

Government officials and representatives will get a unique opportunity to learn about Digitization, Big Data and Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Multimedia Database Engineering, Bioinformatics, Sensor Networks and Smart Cities, Speech Recognition & Language Processing, Cyber Security, BlockChain and Cryptocurrencies.

During each seminar, lecturers from the university and the researchers from National Laboratory Astana will share their knowledge, experience and skills. The seminars are presented in person each week, and then conducted again afterwards through the webinar format.

It is important to note that in December 2017, the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the State Program “Digital Kazakhstan”. Its main goal is the improvement of the competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s economy and quality of life through the progressive development of the digital ecosystem.