Nazarbayev University and Samsung are going to cooperate in research projects

Samsung Smart Lab will be opened in the Nazarbayev University. It will be fully provided with the equipment and specialized software of the company. Samsung Smart Lab was presented in the framework of a Cooperation Memorandum between the Nazarbayev University and the company «Samsung Electronics”, which was signed today. The signing ceremony was attended by the President of Samsung Electronics Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Seung Sik Choi,  and the President of Nazarbayev University, Shigeo Katsu.
“This is a very significant event for Samsung. Our company is a leader in a number of categories in the field of high technology, and we intend to maintain our leadership in the industry. Samsung pays great attention to the development of industry and human resource capacity in the countries where it operates. Therefore, we are confident that the partnership with the lead agency, as Nazarbayev University will not only introduce and implement the most advanced technologies in the field of science Samsung Kazakhstan, but also facilitate an open and research capacity development of Kazakhstan”, said the President of the company «Samsung Electronics Kazakhstan and Central Asia»  Seung Sik Choi. “All current and future projects implemented jointly with the Nazarbayev University, developed with the support of the state program of education through business partnerships for 2011-2020, as well as promoting  “e-learning” system» . “The signed document covers different aspects of university activities – Science, Academic process, Student life. Samsung company demonstrates high attention and interest to our university. Acquiring a new partner such as Samsung gives to Nazarbayev University community the access to new technologies and modern technical solutions”, said Shigeo Katsu, NU President.  
In the framework of the signed memorandum company «Samsung Electronics» intends to launch a joint innovation projects with the participation of scientists and professors of the university. In addition to modern laboratory equipment at Nazarbayev University, the program of cooperation for 2013-2014 has included such projects as:
– Establishment of Samsung scholarships, under which four students at Nazarbayev University will be selected annually to receive regular financial support from the company ;  
– Carry out joint applied research in information and communication technology and digital solutions, and organization of specialized competition for developers in the field of IT. And also;  
– Development and implementation of joint innovation projects with the involvement of the research capacity of the University .
Mutual projects between Nazarbayev University and Samsung will be implemented mainly through the Nazarbayev University Research & Innovation System and university Science Park as a part of the Innovation Intellectual cluster, development of which is a main stage in Education, Innovation and Industry integration processes at Nazarbayev University.
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