Nazarbayev University runs a session at the Annual Conference of the Association of International Education Administrators in Washington D.C., USA

 On February 18-21, 2018 Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) held its annual professional conference with the theme “The Internationalization Imperative in Turbulent Times”.  This year around 1000 senior international officers from 40 countries gathered to discuss the trends, changes and challenges in the internationalization of higher education.   

AIEA is a professional association of International Cooperation officers that was created in 1982. The association is devoted to the promotion of internationalization, international education; effective administration of the process in higher education institutions; continuous discussion and professional development, as well as development for cooperation and networks.

Second year in a row Nazarbayev University runs a session at the conference. This year topic “Alliances under the Belt and Road Initiative: University Partnerships between China and Kazakhstan” presented by Aliya Kaimoldinova, Director of the International Cooperation Department and Madina Aitakanova, Sharing NU Experience Coordinator gathered around 20-25 participants from various countries.  The presentation focused on cooperation between NU and Chinese universities promoted under the Belt and Road initiative. The presentation pointed on the potential of the opportunities arising from the political context that have the capacity to serve the needs and goals of the University drawing a special attention to the collaboration framework and structure that derived cooperative activities between NU and Chinese universities. Session concluded with an active discussion and Q&A session and received positive feedbacks from the participants