Nazarbayev University presented the INURA pulse high-current ion accelerator

On April 26, 2019, a new research complex based on the INURA (Innovative Nazarbayev University’s Research Accelerator) pulse high-current ion accelerator launched at Nazarbayev University. The construction of the ion accelerator is the result of trilateral cooperation between Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) and National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia).

“We created a truly unique installation, which we developed with the best experts in this field from around the world.  This technology has already shown its relevance, both in Kazakhstan and abroad. The INURA accelerator was created as part of the successful implementation of the five-year scientific and technical program ‘NU-Berkeley Strategic Program for the Study of the Critical State of Matter, Advanced Materials and Energy Sources’ funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, noted the NU President’s advisor Dr. Kanat Baigarin.  Dr. Kanat Baigarin together with Dr. Alexander Tikhonov, Assistant Professor at the School of Science and Technology of NU and Dr. Marat Kaykanov, NU researcher, are the leaders of the NU research team on the creation and launch of an accelerator.

On the same day as the opening, Nazarbayev University held an international seminar was the participation of representatives of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA), the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia), the Institute of Nuclear Physics, the Eurasian National University and the Kazakh National University.  At this seminar they discussed the results of the first experiments conducted with the INURA accelerator, on the application of pulsed beams for the modification of transparent conductive coatings, the synthesis of nanopowders, structural modification of nanomaterials, as well as the study of charge neutralization of the beam of nanosecond duration of the bulk plasma.

Participants discussed the further development of the INURA accelerator and future joint scientific projects, applied research and work. The main speakers of the seminar were Dr. Alessandro Ratti and Dr. Thomas Schenkel (USA), Professor Gennady Remnev (Russia), SST Assistant Professor Alexander Tikhonov and SST Postdoctoral Scholar Marat Kaykanov (Kazakhstan).

About the accelerator: INURA is a high-current pulsed ion accelerator, developed to be multi-purpose and used in both theoretical and applied research.   It provides a 10 000 Amperes ion current in 80 nanoseconds, with ion energy of 400 keV.  This technology can modify a material’s structure and properties.  INURA, will not only modify, but will also fabricate new advanced materials ranging from solid bulk to nano.  Additionally, the INURA accelerator will be used for plasma and charged particle beams studies.