Nazarbayev University participated in the International Conference on Mobile Technology in Teacher Education

On January 19 and 20 2018, an International conference on Mobile Technology in Teacher Education (MiTE Conference) was held in Galway, Ireland.
Dr. Ann Scholl, Nazabayev University, participated in the research session, presenting a section of her ongoing research work, “Cognitive Science in Digital Educational Design”. She also participated in the training sessions to learn how mobile technology has been used to develop Irish (Gaelic) language curriculum for Irish Schools as well as how mobile technology is used to enhance the MA program Irish Language Teaching.

– Kazakhstan is working on reinstituting the Kazakh language and I was interested to see how mobile technology could be used to help create curriculum for reinstituting a national language,-commented Ann at her interview.

The MiTE Conference is important as mobile technology has the potential to significantly change practice in classrooms and schools by reshaping how and when learning takes place. Initial teacher education plays a central role in the integration of this technology within teaching and learning in the classroom.
Keynote Speakers as Dr. William Rankin, Professor Kevin Burden and Dr. Reshan Richards shared their experince within research session and another training sessions for developing interactive mobile curriculum and enhancing use of mobile devices in the classroom.

Among 46 Research Academics, 28 Universities from 11 different countries, there were teacher educators, academics, researchers, Education Policy Development representatives, education advisors, teachers (1st, 2nd, Higher & Further Education), Cooperating Mentor teachers and all those interested in Digital Literacies, Innovations & Teacher Education.