Nazarbayev University has launched the Kamaz Neo robot-assisted vehicle project

AOE “Nazarbayev University” (Kazakhstan) together with VIST Group JSC (Russia, Tsifra Group of Companies) and KAMAZ PJSC have started a project to create a Kamaz Neo tractor unit based robotic vehicle. The computer vision supported vehicle will recognize different objects – people, animals, road barriers, cones and autonomously recalculate the route with the consideration of the detour of these obstacles. Basing the design on a truck chassis means that these robot-assisted vehicles will be useful in a multitude of industries.

“The project will design a computer vision module for a KAMAZ 5490 Neo chassis based robot-assisted vehicle, the adaptation of a hardware and software complex, and the integration of an automatic planning and tracking system that takes into consideration the vehicle’s trajectory and potential road obstacles,” commented Artyom Fedotov, Head of the project from the VIST Group.

“We are managing the engineering operations for the adaptation and improvement of computer vision modules for the unmanned control of the Kamaz Neo vehicle. Together with the VIST Group specialists, who provide us with the necessary additional equipment and software, we have started the project, specifically the operations to introduce vehicle’s trajectory planning functions into software, generate vehicle control commands, to detect and recognize obstacles,” – Zhandos Yesenbayev, project manager from Nazarbayev University, Senior researcher at “National Laboratory Astana” PI, shared the work progress.

The project is planned to be completed in September 2019.


Note: the KAMAZ vehicle is owned by KAMAZ PJSC and has been transferred to Nazarbayev University for temporary free use for a period of 12 months.

KAMAZ-5490 is the main tractor unit, manufactured by the Kama Automobile Plant (KAMAZ). The KamAZ-5490 was designed to replace the 5460 series and create a flagship car for the fleet. It was presented in 2011 at the ComTrans exhibition. Mercedes-Benz Axor cab drawings produced since 2001 were purchased. The plant has stated that activities on the model production localization will, over time, bring its level to 60%.

Since the plant began operations, it has manufactured the frame and some elements of the chassis.  The external plastic cab body kit, however, is produced completely by a Russian manufacturer. The truck is outfitted with tires bought from Nizhnekamskshina. Starting in 2017, the plant began pre-production of its own engines in the P6 series using almost 100 percent local components.  This engine began to be mass produced in 2018.


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