Nazarbayev University is building new dorms and apartment houses

Nazarbayev University President Shigeo Katsu and the Executive Council Chairman Aslan Sarinzhipov together put a capsule together with the message. The text has been written in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. The text details are being kept in secret. “We hope this message will not be read as much as possible because we put the capsule into the basement of a new campus building. Let this building stay for long”, – said Shigeo Katsu in his speech.

The first start-up facilities, located in the southern part of the campus, consist of two 11-story residences for faculty and two 12-story student dormitories. The total area of the facilities to be constructed, which includes a boiler-house and engineering communications, comprises more than 64,000 square meters.

258 apartments for faculty and dorms for one thousand students are expected to be ready in the summer of the next year. In Fall 2013, Nazarbayev University students and faculty will move into new buildings. Faculty housing will have social and domestic service centers, a restaurant, a fitness center, minimarkets, and indoor parking. Student dorms will have canteens, leisure places, study rooms, student clubs, music halls, first aid and domestic services rooms.

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