Nazarbayev University held an official ceremony of separate litter gathering system implementation

On November 6, an action “Separate litter – save the nature of Kazakhstan” was held in Nazarbayev University. This action was held under the project “Informing society about implementation of separate litter gathering system in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. This project was realized under the supervision and support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the official administrator was the Center of “Assistance to Sustainable Development”, further Center. 

The purpose of this action is to create an ecologically safe and economically rational system of litter gathering, implement innovative technologies, best world experience in “green” economy and assist in saving city from growing garbage volume under the Nazarbayev University supervision. It is expected that wide implementation of this system will allow recycling about 70% of litter.

Under this action, Nazarbayev University launched this system and installed 4 different types of litter containers: paper, plastic, electronics and mixed containers. Abovementioned containers will be utilized further by special companies working in the field of litter recycling, such as “Kazakhstan Kagazy”, “Souz PLAST” and “ ECO-DOM KZ”.

One of the interesting innovations suggested by young scientist from “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” is eco-innovational containers “Smart container”, which can talk to people. Their unique feature is that container thanks an individual for separating litter. This container also has a litter level sensor.  

In addition, Youth Board of  “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” in cooperation with Center conducted a “Garbage art competition” focused on manufacturing different items from secondary materials. This competition allowed students and faculty to exercise their creative thinking and apply it to the usage of secondary materials.  Participants were allowed to work individually, or in a team up to 5 people. The purpose of the competition was to popularize litter separation. The manufactured items will be then sold in a special auction; money raised will be directed to charity.

Apart from Nazarbayev University community, representatives from governmental offices, non-government organizations, litter recycle companies took part in the event.

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