Nazarbayev University held Kazakhstan – China Youth Leadership program in cooperation with Renmin University of China

Have you ever tried Chinese opera masks painting and practicing tai chi and the other day grappling by rules of “Kazaksha kures” with your mates, riding a horse or do archery?
14 students of Nazarbayev University (NU) and 15 students of Renmin University of China (RUC) had a chance to learn and explore diverse cultures of China and Kazakhstan. Through an enriching combination of lectures, cultural events and site visits program aimed to provide students with a comprehensive cultural immersion and allow them to gain insights on economic development of the two countries, role of youth in “One Belt One Road” Initiative and in the developments in the future energy field echoing EXPO 2017.

Cultural part of the program in China from July 2-13 was mainly based on RUC campus in Beijing. In addition to lectures, students visited a fascinating stadium which hosted 2008 Olympic Games, learned about Chinese emperors by visiting the Forbidden City and enjoyed views of the Great Wall. These experiences, like no other, presented traditional image of Chinese history and national attributes. Participants of the program were also given a chance to enjoy the intact nature of the ancient city of Suzhou, where the second campus of RUC is located.

Cultural part of the program in Kazakhstan from July 14-25 included lectures on the topics of education, role of Kazakhstan in various international organizations where students learned about NU projects in energy, environment and climate. In addition students had site visits to the National Analytical Center and Tulpar-Talgo manufacturing plant. Program also included a trip to Kazakhstan’s Switzerland – Burabay and a visit to the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017.

We believe that during a three week cultural program our students were able to broaden their outlook, create long lasting friendships with peers, and eventually these take aways from the program will let them to contribute to the global development, prosperity, peace, and stable relations between the two countries.