Nazarbayev University held the International Scientific and University Conference within Future Energy Forum framework

On July 12-13, Nazarbayev University organized the International Scientific and University Conference as part of Future Energy Forum, dedicated to the theme “Climate Change and Reduction of CO2 emissions”.

Our speakers – the participants from 4 continents, 7 top-ranking universities and 13 countries – discussed the matters of politics, economics and international measures taken to fight climate change.

The themes of the sessions and speakers of the conference were aimed at a multifaceted consideration and discussion of climate change problems taking into account different opinions and points of view.

In his welcoming speech to the participants of the conference, President of Nazarbayev University Shigeo Katsu expressed the hope that the conference will provide an opportunity not only to better understand the current problems associated with climate change, but also to work out possible ways to address them. Noting that this global problem calls for joint work, in which the efforts of every citizen of the world are important, he stressed the participants’ attention to the fact that today it is necessary to develop a sense of responsibility for young people in relation to the protection of our planet and to convey to them the meaning of sustainable Energy development in the future.

A separate keynote address given by Dr. Axel Winter, Staff scientist of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), an ambitious international project with the estimated budget of several billion euro, a common effort of European Union, India, China, Korea, USA, Japan, Russia and Kazakhstan to achieve a reliable and safe source of clean energy by 2025.

The audience also see the presentation of Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, President of World Sustainable Development Forum, former chairman of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which received a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize together with Al Gore.

A separate session was dedicated to the experience of countries in the reduction of СО2 emissions – the representative of Switzerland, Chile, Japan and the countries of Africa will share their expertise and talk about challenges and opportunities of sustainable development. 

The session “The Forefront of Green Energy Technology – A Study of National and International Technological Advances” was dedicated to innovative projects in Kazakhstan – from startups to existing technologies.