Nazarbayev University had the first graduation for the executive training program for top managers of small and medium-size enterprises

This program, the Client of which was the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a part of the state program “Roadmap of Business-2020”. The top managers of small and medium-size enterprises were trained within the framework of the 4th direction for the state program, “the enhancement of entrepreneurial potential,” through the basis of Nazarbayev University. This direction is focused on the introduction of new models of successful business, the development of skills for effective management of existing business and addressing strategic and tactical business challenges.
To efficiently implement the program, a preliminary estimate of needs required for entrepreneurs to develop their business was conducted. The realities of Kazakhstani business practice have been studied, and successful entrepreneurs have been interviewed.
This training program provided full-time seminars, where the trainees studied the fundamentals of business models, had on-line seminars with Kazakhstani experts, and became acquainted with the experience of successful business and methods of cost of capital. At the end of the program the trainees presented their own variants of a successful business-plan, followed by an awards ceremony for the winners.
210 entrepreneurs from all the regions of Kazakhstan have become graduates of the 8-month program.
During the official ceremony Mr.Shigeo Katsu, NU Rector, presented the graduates with certificates and congratulated them on their successful completion of the Executive Education program. He noted that “implementation of this program is aimed at enhancement of entrepreneurial potential in the country, and it is a very successful one,” as per the survey conducted among the participants. Mr. Katsu expressed his hope that the executive officers of the Kazakhstani companies participating would be able to apply the acquired knowledge for developing their own businesses.
Along with the participants of the program and NU employees, the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Duke University, and JSC Entrepreneurship Development Fund “Damu” all participated in the ceremony.

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