Nazarbayev University had a Student Film Festival

Nazarbayev University had a student film festival. The contestants, all NU students, presented short films of 5 to 15 minutes. The theme of the films was the March 8th Holiday.
The jury selected “March Dream” as the best film. The plot of the movie shows the main character watching a dream, which was presented as an animated cartoon. To create a qualified cartoon the authors had to draw-up thousands of pictures by hand.
“Nonhumans,” a horror movie, won “The best scenario” nomination. The film tells the story of a group of friends who become victims of female zombies. The zombies attack the guys after they fail to congratulate the girls on the March 8th Holiday.
“The best editing” award was given to the documentary movie “I Love You, Mom.” The movie characters share their memories about their mothers and discuss the meaning of International Women’s Day.
The best actor award was given to Tazhi Kulzhan, who starred as the main character in the film, “In Someone’s Shoes.” The plot begins as a couple argues on their way to celebrate March 8th, and the next day they mystically switch bodies. Love puts everything back in place.
All the movies were screened fully or partially on campus. The festival was organized by NU Student Government. It should be noted that the students’ future majors did not have anything in common with movie making or acting. All the works were created by amateurs. The jury consisted of “Creative Astana” social network group leader Ganz Azhikenov, director and DJ Asset Kadyralin, and «Metis’s» group singer Rus the Seventh. You can watch the movies here. of Communication and Marketing of Nazarbayev University:
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Pictures kindly provided by NU Image