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2023, October 14 NU now

Nazarbayev University Condemns Gender-Based Sexual Objectification

Nazarbayev University Condemns Gender-Based Sexual Objectification

2023, October 14

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Nazarbayev University vehemently condemns any form of gender-based sexual objectification.

Earlier today, the university administration was alerted to the existence of a website, created by a student, that showcased photos of female students without their consent, encouraging users to rate their appearance. Swift joint action was taken by the Advocacy and Conduct Unit of the Department of Student Services and the Student Government to shut down the website, making it inaccessible to anyone. The investigation is ongoing and disciplinary proceedings will be initiated by the Department of Student Services against the responsible individual. 

It is essential to note that the case has alerted us to security breaches.  We will take proactive measures to rectify any shortcomings in our server security system and  fortify the security of student data.

We also extend our gratitude to the courageous students who brought this reprehensible website to the attention of the DSS Conduct and Advocacy unit.

We take this opportunity to remind every member of the Nazarbayev University community that treating individuals as commodities, devoid of their inherent dignity, can have severe and lasting impacts on their mental well-being. Additionally, it is imperative to understand that publishing personal data, including names and pictures, without the explicit consent of the individuals involved constitutes a punishable offense under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Nazarbayev University maintains a steadfast commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against any form of gender-based harassment. We have implemented comprehensive measures to prevent such incidents within our community. The University’s Code of Ethics and supplementary regulations unequivocally demand that students, faculty, and staff conduct themselves with the utmost ethical integrity, demonstrating mutual respect, fairness, and honesty. Violations of these principles, as well as breaches of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, will result in disciplinary action against students, student organizations, faculty, and staff members.

We urge every member of our community to refrain from being passive bystanders. Instead, we encourage you to come forward and report any instances of unethical misconduct that you may witness or experience.  By standing together and promoting a culture of respect, we can create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at Nazarbayev University. 


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