Nazarbayev University Center for Educational Policy trained 100 teachers for Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools

Nazarbayev University celebrated the graduation of its school teachers from the development training program. 100 school teachers from 12 regions of Kazakhstan have completed their 10-month training course.

In the upcoming academic year Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools will have 100 new high professional teachers. The 10-month professional development program was designated in a partnership with University College London; high professional instructors from the UK, USA and other countries taught the course. The graduate certificates have been issued by Nazarbayev University President Shigeo Katsu and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Chairperson of the Board Kulyash Shamshidinova.

The professional development program gave school teachers from 12 regions of the country an opportunity to improve English language practices, learn advanced pedagogical theory and acquire new methodology and techniques.

During the ceremony there was a presentation of research papers written by school teachers as final projects of the professional development program coursework.

These research projects can be applied at any schools in the country. Short videos to teach security rules at Physics and Chemical labs, Chemistry and Geography teaching applications for mobile phones – all these projects could motivate school students as digital natives to have fun while studying.

“I cannot call you students because you’re already teachers,” said Nazarbayev University President Shigeo Katsu in his speech. At the ceremony Nazarbayev University President noted that modern teachers are expected to promote critical thinking and permanent knowledge update.

“The teachers are highly professional and creative,” said the Director of the Centre for Educational Policy Aida Sagintayeva. “I am sure after going back to work you will pass on to your colleagues your motivation for professional growth and willingness to contribute in the intellectual nation building process,” she addressed to the course graduates.

The 2011-2012 course was intended for Nazarbayev Intellectual School teachers. Next year the CEP of NU will continue running the professional development program for Kazakhstani schools. The course will be available for application by all school teachers in Kazakhstan.

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