Nazarbayev University begins its second academic year

This year, 509 school leavers have been enrolled at the Nazarbayev University Preparatory Center. Less than 1 in 8 applicants was accepted for 2011-2012. As was the case last year, the School of Engineering turned out to be the most popular choice with 45% of new students electing to study in this School, followed by the School of Science and Technology, 26%, School of Medicine, 15%, and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, 14%.
The largest number of undergraduate students come from Astana – 138 people (27%), followed by Almaty – 60 (12%), Karaganda – 54 (10%), East Kazakhstan oblast – 38 (7%) and South Kazakhstan oblast – 35 (7%).
For their part, Nazarbayev University Foundation program graduates were enrolled into the different schools. Enrollment process was determined by students’ area of focus and their academic performance in the various specialist subjects. Thus the School of Science and Technology took in the largest number of students, a total of 190 entrants. 153 students enrolled in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, while 126 have joined the School of Engineering. Overall, 469 students were enrolled in the schools.
The Nazarbayev University schools have hired more than 40 new teachers this semester, five of them Kazakhstani citizens. As was mentioned before, Nazarbayev University has launched three new schools: the School of Science and Technology, the School of Engineering, and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition, Nazarbayev University also offers a Foundation preparatory program. Students are given the opportunity to participate in university research projects.

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