“NӘR” synbiotic, in an improved designed package, put into production in Astana

The first batches of "NӘR" ("НӘР") functional food product, in an improved designed package, were produced at the milk factory of "Agrofirma Rodina" LLP.

Synbiotic "NӘR" is the first functional food product created by the researchers of National Laboratory Astana (NLA), Nazarbayev University. It has a number of unique properties, including immunity and active longevity improvement. The therapeutic efficacy of the product in people with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity/overweight, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease has been clinically proven. "NӘR" is also indispensable in the prevention of oncological diseases, including colorectal cancer.

The synbiotic was created at the Laboratory of the Microbiome and Longevity, NLA, headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Almagul Kushugulova. This is the first, unique product of Kazakhstani science which has went into production on the domestic food market.

This was all preceded by the painstaking work of NLA researchers and technologists of "Agrofirma Rodina", who conducted industrial approbation of the developed technology for the production of the synbiotic on the basis of a new technological line. All technological regimes were worked out; and measures for interaction of technological personnel were adjusted. After the industrial approbation, there was improved product packaging to make it more practical for consumers.

Top managers that attended the launch ceremony included: Ivan Sauer, General Director of the "Agrofirma Rodina", Anuarbek Sultangazin, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Science Foundation," and Zhaxybay Zhumadilov, Chairman of the board of "University Medical Center", Nazarbayev University (previously served as the general director of NLA and is one of the creators of "NӘR").