Methods of teaching Kazakh literature discussed at Nazarbayev University

On April 6 2018, Rukhani Zhangyru Cultural Center held the republican research-to-practice conference “Modernization of public consciousness: Literature and culture – spiritual roots of the people”.

The purpose of the Conference was to familiarize young people with culture and literature as national values ​​of the people, identification of scientific approach to issues of their preservation.
Philologists, researchers, university faculty and students, schools teachers made presentations at the Conference. The topic of discussion was the educational content of Kazakh literature and teaching methodology, its role in the development of a modern type of personality.

Nazarbayev University students showed a great interest and actively participated in discussing the problems raised at the conference. Principals and teachers of regional school highly appreciated academic pursuits of non-philological students in the Kazakh language and literature, shared their ideas and wished students further success.

At the end of conference, all participants concluded that the study of Kazakh literature is necessary for all students. It was suggested that such research-to-practice conference should be held annually to discuss research results and share experiences.