5 000 secondary-school teachers from all the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan have completed English language training courses

 4 897 Kazakhstani teachers participated in the English language training course for two and  half months on the base of the Nazarbayev University including 2533 teachers from the rural districts and 2364 teachers from cities.

The program was implemented as a part of of trialingual education. The aim of the program is to develop communicative competences while speaking English. In order to achieve this aim the following objectives were set up: teaching English according to the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference; improvement of English language proficiency; knowledge and understanding of the subject terminology and academic English, knowledge of the content and language intergrated learning.  

As the President of the country, N. Nazarbayev, repeatedly emphasized that Kazakhstan should be perceived as a highly educated country worldwide whose population can use three languages simultaneously. These languages are Kazakh as the state language, Russian, as the language of interethnic communication, and English, as the language of successful integration into the global economy.” Owing to the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, our country has begun introducing the concept of multilingualism into education with the idea that multilingualism will strengthen the competitiveness of Kazakhstan. In this regard, Kazakhstani teachers have studied English within the framework of the state task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2017 as a part of the  budget program implementation 222 “Professional development and retraining program for Personnel of State Organizations of Secondary Education”

The course program consisted of three modules. Module 1 included intensive English training at the levels of “A1” and “A2”. The students developed speaking skills in accordance with the given situation, making dialogues in daily communication, perception of content audiotexts, reading authentic texts with finding necessary information, and also writing letters, completing applications and forms based on the selected topic and learnt vocabulary in English. “Straightforward” teaching resources by Macmillan Publishers were used as the coursebook.    

 Module 2 introduced the subject terminology and academic English. For this particular module «Core» coursebook was used for Physics, Chemistry and Biology components, and Cambridge IGCSE» by Cambridge University Press that was used for Computer Science one.

Module 3 constituted of modern teaching approached through video lectures of the Nazarbayev University faculty. The students were offered lectures and relevant materials in both Kazakh and Russian.

 307 trainers taught in the first module, and 217 trainers – in the second module of the program.

After the course completion 4897 teachers successfully passed the final assessment test which indicates English language proficiency at the level of A2.

 4 897 teachers were studying English in all the regions of Kazakhstan and the cities of the republican significance: Astana – 261 teachers; Almaty – 157 teachers; the Almaty region – 495 teachers, the Akmola region – 276 teachers, the Pavlodar region -228 teachers, the Karaganda region – 166 teachers, the Aktobe region – 430 teachers, the Mangystau region – 152 teachers, the Atyrau region – 180 teachers, the West-Kazakhstan region – 214 teachers, the North-Kazakhstan region – 233 teachers, the East-Kazakhstan region – 295 teachers, the South-Kazakhstan region – 890 teachers, the Zhambyl region – 355 teachers, the Kyzylorda region – 304 teachers, the Kostanay region – 261 teachers.