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2020, March 26

Library for study and leisure

2020, March 26

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Traditionally university libraries are the epicenters of brainstorming for students. Therefore, Nazarbayev University seeks to create all conditions for arranging the library space in accordance with the latest trends in the educational process and research activities.

NU library is in its own way a unique phenomenon. A 24-hour work schedule, an extensive book collection, access to numerous electronic databases, well-thought-out infrastructure - all this together creates an indescribable atmosphere of the library. Everything here is created for study and research.

The library provides a convenient, comfortable, and cozy atmosphere for both group and individual activities. There are reading rooms that can be used for group work or classes, as well as separate rooms that provide complete privacy and silence for individuals, which can be booked for 4 hours by a student.

NU library has Computer Labs, where all visitors have the opportunity to rent laptops and use computers with licensed software. For users with special needs, the Assistive Technologies Room is provided with workstations equipped for any need.

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In addition, the library can provide visitors with video recording and advanced visualization services. The Video Recording Room is a professionally designed soundproofed studio that allows you to use the Acme E-40 and Acme LP-F1000VW floodlights, as well as the Nec E656 display and Green Cotton Data device. The Vizualization Room has HD quality monitors and touch interactive displays for working with image data.

The Media Room and Collaborative Space offer advanced features for teamwork or training. A variety of events can be held in these conference rooms such as public talks and meetings of student organizations and clubs.

In the Culture Room, library visitors can find a collection of books in Korean and Italian. The Science Room gives you access to the foundation of natural and mathematical sciences, and the Aliya Room gives you access to materials on linguistics, literature and technology. Computers with an electronic catalog are in each of the listed rooms, but most of them are concentrated in the Astana Room, which is the most popular place among students.

The University has a Children’s Room. Here, parents can read books for kids in English, Russian, Kazakh, Chinese, Filipino, German and other languages.

At the same time, the Nazarbayev University library cares not only about creating conditions for classes, but also for relaxing from routine work. So, for those visitors who want to take a break from work, the library can offer a visit to the Relax Room. This is an ideal space with comfortable furniture and dim lights, where you can meditate and relax if you wish.

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