What should the Kazakhstan state university in the 21st century be?

A bill has been submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan providing the autonomy for all higher education Institutions with increasing responsibility of the guardian supervisory boards. In many respects this document takes into account the experience of Nazarbayev University. Broadcasting the university’s experience is a usual topic of the Eurasian Forum of Leaders of Higher Education.

This year, it will begin its work on May 31 in the walls of the Nazarbayev University. Within the framework of the conference, seminars with the participation of heads of leading Kazakh and foreign universities, famous scientists, teachers and students, representatives of government agencies and employers will be held. On the example of the Nazarbayev University’s work, the models of a new type of university in Kazakhstan will be examined with the help of foreign partners. When developing this model, there was no simple copying of foreign, even better, experience.

Today, here, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Cambridge and several other top universities in the world, make up new curricula and develop new teaching methods. You can receive more information about the upcoming forum on the website of INA “Kazinform”.