ISSAI is developing a Kazakh Glossary of AI terms 

A Kazakh glossary of terms that are used in the fields of AI, machine learning and robotics is being developed by the Institute of  Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI). At the moment, the glossary already contains more than 1200 terms, with new words added monthly. Scientists at ISSAI are open to proposals for new additions to the already existing glossary. Because many AI terms still do not have an officially approved Kazakh translation, the need to create such a glossary has been building for a long time according to the director of ISSAI, Professor Atakan Varol. When creating the glossary, the ISSAI team attempted to base Kazakh terms on their Russian and English counterparts, which allowed developers to preserve the original meaning of the translated words. However, some AI-related terms were left unchanged. 

“In the AI field, there are also many words that sound pretty funny in English and do not correspond to their meaning. For example, there are terms like “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, “Honeypot” (information security strategy); “Salt and Pepper Noise” and so on. In this case, our scientists decided to preserve the uniqueness of the terms and make a direct translation of such words. So, they ended up not translating some terms that are easy to pronounce” , said Professor Atakan Varol, the director of ISSAI. 

According to the Professor,  the translation has not yet been officially approved, but the developers of the glossary have already sent a request for its consideration to the Language Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

The glossary is available on the ISSAI website: