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2020, March 5

International grandmaster at NU: A simultaneous chess exhibition

2020, March 5

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On March 4, 2020, Nazarbayev University welcomed a simultaneous chess exhibition for the first time. Nazarbayev University community members had a unique chance to play chess with a high-level professional, International Grandmaster, and Junior World Champion - Darmen Sadvakasov.

The grandmaster played simultaneously with 20 players, with 14 NU students, 3 NU employees, 2 professors, and 1 child among them. The game lasted for three hours. In the end the four draws were counted – one with Professor Mehdi Torkmahalleh from School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, and three NU students.

The youngest player was eight-year-old Vitaly Pierre Courtney, a son of GSB Assistant professor Matthew Courtney. He has been playing chess for two years. After the game, he shared his impressions, for him it was a new and very exciting experience and he liked the game and the session very much.

Darmen Sadvakasov expressed his gratitude to all the participants of the high-level simultaneous chess exhibition and NU for organizing the event, dedicated to the 10th NU anniversary.

“They love chess at NU. Some professional chess players, champions and winners of Kazakhstan study and work here. The interest among students, faculty and their kids is very high”, - he said.

At the end of the chess exhibition, three participants received chess sets that were provided by the NU Alumni Association. Darmen Sadvakasov chose the three recipients of the gift - Prof. Mehdi Torkmahalleh for the toughest game, a 3d-year student Allen Urazakov for the most interesting game and the youngest player Victor Pierre Courtney.

In addition, prior to the game, all the participants played a Kahoot game that asked questions about Darmen’s biography and the chess topics. The winners Kahoot game got prizes.

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