International conference on scientific approaches of healthy aging takes place in Astana

The goal of the conference is to bring together leading scientists from the U.S., Japan, U.K., Korea, Russia and Kazakhstan to discuss new strategies in the field of regenerative medicine and healthy aging. The most advanced research and developments in this area will be presented these days in Astana. The conference brought together world-renowned scientists who create today medicine of the future and develop scientific areas such as genomics and personalized medicine, bioengineering and regenerative medicine, gerontology, oncology, cell biology, etc.
Dr Aubrey de Grey, a well-known gerontologist from the UK who is a frequent guest at major international channels CNN and BBC is taking part at the conference. Dr. de Grey is the founder of the modern theory called “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence” intended to rejuvenate the human body and allow an indefinite lifespan.
“Regenerative medicine is now the most interesting direction in the field of modern life sciences. It gives a set of perspective possibilities for the future treatment of the cancer, neurologic, orthopedic and other diseases associated with a degeneration of tissues and organs”, said in his welcoming speech to the conference, Shigeo Katsu, President of the Nazarbayev University. Alan Russell and Eric Lagasse from University of Pittsburgh will share their insights on current developments in the field of regenerative medicine during the conference.
“Students and the graduates of the Center for Life Sciences of Nazarbayev University will have the opportunity to participate in innovative projects in the field of genomics, regenerative medicine, bioengineering and healthy aging. Together with renowned scientists they will create artificial organs, decipher the genome, develop new drugs and effective methods of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, thereby having alleviated suffering of patients not only Kazakhstan, but also other countries. These experts will be able to bring Kazakhstani healthcare system to a new level. Scientific developments in the Center for Life Sciences will allow medicine to become really predictable, proactive and personalized,” stated Almaz Sharman, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council of the Nazarbayev University.
“We want to bring practical solutions to ensure a healthy and long life of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We hope that this conference will stimulate new ideas and help to develop closer union of innovations and scientific achievements,” said in his welcoming speech Zhaxybay Zhumadilov, General Director of the Center for Life Sciences of Nazarbayev University.
Visitors of conference are well-known embryologists Kate Campbell – participant of the project on the world’s first cloned animal – Dolly the sheep, and also Allison Murdoch who has been active in the field of embryonic reprogramming of human cells.
With the accumulation of biomedical knowledge and new methods to prevent and treat diseases are created. Personalized medicine, based on a thorough understanding of genetic causes of disease will allow to prevent and treat them on a more targeted and effective basis. All this will considerably expand life horizons. Geoffrey Ginsburg – Professor at Duke University will give a speech on genomics and personalized medicine.
Aging is associated with a significantly increased risk of chronic, autoimmune diseases and cancer. The doctors are facing the task not just to treat illness, but to support high quality of life of patients which is defined as the maximum freedom from disease and preservation of functions that are sufficient in order to actively participate in everyday life. Scientists from Japan, USA and Kazakhstan will talk about the diseases associated with aging, and in particular, the fight against cancer.

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